You the voter

As is the custom with political campaigns, is to introduce myself to the voters at large. I agree it is important to learn about those who seek to earn your vote, but what is equally important and often over looked is the voter.

A candidate all too often claims to “know” the voters but how often do you see our elected leaders take the time to talk to us? Once elected the only time we hear from them is when it’s time for re-election.


This is supposed to be the government of the people, and yet when it comes to important issues do they seek our input? Almost every time they enforce the will of the party they represent, rather than finding middle ground that would include those who are not of that party. Once elected you are supposed to represent all the people, not just the people of their party.


I want to know what is important to you. What issues matter to you? What would you like to see changed?


You might ask, what would make me any different than the candidates of the other 2 parties?


1) the Green party WILL NOT take money from PAC or corporations. The money we raise are from the people. We are not beholden to big business.


2) Though I strongly believe in the 10 keys of the Green party, I understand that others may not share my views or beliefs. To those people, I want to work with them so we can find that common ground that we can build from. I am not looking to just push the party line, but work to bridge the gap between ideology and the greater need of the community at large.


In the end I want to make Utah a better place for ALL its people. I will work hard to earn your vote and if elected I will continue to work hard to make sure that all voices are heard and represented to the best of my abilities.


If you have any questions or if you want to tell me what issues matter most to you, then please leave me a message.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

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