Stop the divide

Ok so as a 3rd party candidate I understand that I am fighting an up-hill battle, it has been pointed out time and again that I have no voting base, no list of donors, and therefore no chance of winning. Despite this disadvantage I obviously don’t share in that mindset. Sure, I have had a setback or two, But I have faith in people, I believe that people are fed up with partisan politics. Below is a message I got from a supporter, she said:



“I think what you are doing is awesome. I didn't care say this in a public forum because if people knew that I agreed with some things that are viewed as Republican everybody that saw it would think I'm a Trump loving woman hater (I'm not AND I'm pro choice and for same sex marriage.) I think everything has turned into one side or the other. I agree that the church has a lot of influence but that is because of who people vote for. So, I'd really like people to look at the individual issues and what would benefit and not so much of the "well, I lean left therefore I have to agree with this and this" and vice versa. I'm sure I'm just rambling and I hope you understand why I didn't want to post publicly. I'm super excited for you and think you'll do great because from things I've seen you post you are very level headed and can see multiple sides of things.”


It is no longer about Republican or Demarcate but about doing what is right and working together to fix problems that affect us all. Toxic air doesn’t care if you are conservative or liberal, it’ll poison our families all the same. This problem belongs to all of us and it will take all of us to change it. 

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